El Español Y Su Estructura

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libro El Español Y Su Estructura

The book is comprehensive, structural review of the Spanish language for bilingual college students. It can be used as either an elementray or an intermediate textbook depending on students level of linguistic competency. While these bilingual students are usually effective in oral communication in Spanish within their communities, they often have little knowledge of the written forms … We have chosen to use a structuralist approach to grammar, as our experience in teaching Hispanics has shown that the use of grammatical terminology need not be considered an obstacle for the learner … We think that Hispanics are already familiar with the use of verbs and, therefore, do not need to study them at the very beginning. [The book] is a general book in the sense that it can be used with any group of Spanish speakers regardless of their origin: Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, etc … This is not a self-teaching textbook, since it requires a cooperative, combined effort from both the instructor and the student.-Pref.

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