The Warsaw Convention Annotated:a Legal Handbook

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libro The Warsaw Convention Annotated:a Legal Handbook

For fast, authoritative answers to questions of liability for international air transportation, this newly updated, enormously useful and timesaving legal resource is without peer. In one volume it provides an incomparable wealth of case law and commentary, conveniently arranged as article-by-article annotation to the Warsaw Convention. This new edition brings the case law up to 1999, and includes the all-important new judicial developments derived to date from such recent air mishaps as KAL 007, Lockerbie, TWA 800, and Swissair 111. The cases summarized and analyzed under each article come from scores of jurisdictions worldwide, with decisions that in many instances have built on case law from a number of different countries. The authors treatment encompasses the subsequent agreements and protocols that have amended the original 1929 Convention, and cites those significant minority viewpoints, both juridical and scholarly, that serve to clarify some of the more difficult issues that arise in this complex field of international law. The text used is the English (US) translation of the Convention. Appendices include the authentic original French text of the Warsaw Convention and the English (UK) translation, as well as the three official Spanish texts (Spain, Argentina, and Mexico), the official French, English, and Spanish texts of the Hague Protocol and the Guadalajara Convention, texts of the Montreal Agreement, the Guatemala Protocol, and the four Montreal Protocols, pertinent excerpts from the United States Code of Federal Regulations and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules, and up-to-date listings of parties signatory to the Warsaw instruments. A table of cases, with supplemental case citations, is also included.

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