Diseño Gráfico Latinoamericano

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libro Diseño Gráfico Latinoamericano

Latin American Graphic Design.- In this bilingual book Romulo Peralta Moya brings together 75 designers and design studios in Latin America. He does this through a general introductory study and a one by one country case, along with the collaboration of important curators and scholars in the field representing every country. Graphic design has progressively gained relevance in the field of communication of ideas, currently turning into a true source of persuasion, given that its goal is to influence peoples way of thinking, inducing consumption and generating expectations. In addition, this discipline is perhaps the most influential in the globalization process as it has demanded its products to be understood by anyone anywhere, regardless of the culture and the environment in which they are presented. Hence the importance of this book, which is the first to be published worldwide with a compilation of work done in our region.

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