Procedencia Del Adn Mitocondrial Euroasiatico Occidental En Puerto Rico

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libro Procedencia Del Adn Mitocondrial Euroasiatico Occidental En Puerto Rico

This study analyzed 102 mtDNA control region sequences with the objective of classifying them into sub-haplogroups and estimating their continental origin. Principal component analysis of the western Eurasian sub-haplogroups was conducted to compare with 46 Eurasian populations. A probabilistic analysis (Bayesian method) was used with the HVR-I sequences in order to estimate percentages for each continental origin. The results confirm the presence of non-European sub-haplogroups in the western Eurasian mtDNA portion of Puerto Ricans. It was also demonstrated that in a general context the western Eurasian component of Puerto Ricans is more similar to the northern populations of the Fertile Crescent and the Canarian population. The general estimation obtained in the probabilistic analysis of the sequences suggests a major continental component that comes from the Canary Islands. These results confirm that the western Eurasian mtDNA of Puerto Rico is composed by lineages of different geographical origins.

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