Teacher Research On English Didactics Issues

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libro Teacher Research On English Didactics Issues

This book is the compilation of eight research studies conducted by the students from the Masters Programme in Education with Emphasis on English Didactics at the School of Education and one study developed by the professors from the same Emphasis. The book illustrates the students research process focused on several English didactic issues relevant to the English as a Foreign Language community. The issues comprise varied themes such as cooperation in an EFL classroom based on the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA), encouraging students to become strategic readers, multidimensional approach and multiple intelligence instruction-based activities, promoting cooperative learning by creating big books, students strategy use through criminalistics materials, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, autonomy and portfolios, the role of cooperative learning techniques in students reading skills, metacognitive strategy-based materials for a virtual learning environment, and in-service teachers development of materials. The book is divided into nine chapters. Each chapter explains the corresponding research process undertaken by the students. It shows their theoretical considerations, instructional and research designs, data analysis and findings, and conclusions in relation to their concern.

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