Colombia Ante La Economía Mundial

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libro Colombia Ante La Economía Mundial

Collection of articles by well-respected academics, researchers, and policymakers assesses Colombias position in a globalized economy. The 1990s mark the decisive integration of Colombias economy with the rest of the world. So far the process has been seen as largely beneficial: it is argued that currency liberalization has promoted not only a repatriation of national capital and an increase in foreign investment, but also has made it inevitable for government to pursue fiscal discipline. However, to gain legitimacy as a player in the world market, Colombia needs to advance its policies in the areas of environment, human rights, and drug trafficking. Moreover, the economy can only move forward insofar as progress is made in education, science, and technology, and in the development of a social policy that allows all citizens to participate in the countrys progress –Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 57.

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