Cuatro Directoras Latinoamericanas: Otros Puntos De Vista

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libro Cuatro Directoras Latinoamericanas: Otros Puntos De Vista

This dissertation examines ten films by four Latin American women filmmakers, Maria Novaro, Lucrecia Martel, Marisa Sistach, and Fina Torres, who challenge patriarchal representations of women. These ten movies question conventional portrayals of motherhood, womens sexuality, and female bonding. These directors offer a different vision that gives female characters a central place in their narratives and a position from which to speak that defies and contest the masculine imaginary prevalent in most commercial films. Such themes are analyzed using a feminist methodology aimed at deconstructing and subverting the dominant patriarchal discourse based on binary gender identities and the assumed subordination of women. The work of these filmmakers has raised questions about gender politics and the position of women within the context of a contemporary and a global society.

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